Genuine partnerships = Real results

Why us

Teacup Influence is the ultimate destination for businesses looking to partner with the right influencer from the Indian sub-continent for their next campaign.

Our aim is to equip marketers with a global influencer platform that not only helps them identify the right influencers but one that delivers real business results.  In the rapidly evolving global digital marketing landscape, our in-depth experience in data-driven & ROI enabled digital marketing strategies is what sets up apart. Our technology partners along with our specialist research team, ensure our clients get world-class insights and intelligence to power their marketing strategies and propel individual campaign stories to success.

20+ Search Filters
12,000+ Influencers
1billion+ Influence strength

Are we right for you?

Teacup Influence works with a broad range of businesses, from in-house brand marketers, agency-side PR and communications teams, all the way to small and independent businesses looking for influencer marketing solutions.

Whether you’re looking to dabble in a little bit of influencer marketing or plan a big-ticket campaign, Teacup Influence has solutions that cater to your specific campaign and business goals.

Who we are

Teacup Influence is co-founded by two women with over 30 years of combined experience in digital marketing, brand management, acquisition & relationship management. The founding idea behind Teacup Influence stems from the fascinating world of social media influencers, and the potential businesses are yet to harness from this marketing paradigm.

Our platform is built around a thriving community of over 10,000 content creators who range from macro, mid-tier to nano influencers. But they all have one thing in common – the power to inform and influence their social audience.