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11 March, 2020 - brands

5 influencer gifting strategies to push product sales up the graph

A lot of marketing campaigns put you back on the drawing board simply because the gap between the concept and its implementation wasn’t carefully bridged. Influencer marketing, for example, has been a hot topic for businesses trying to gain a market edge. But poorly strategised influencer campaigns may not give you the expected returns on your investment.
So how can we get influencer marketing right without having to burn the midnight oil?
One strategy that teacup influence has found to be very helpful is influencer gifting. But we are of the strong belief that it must be coupled with deep analysis and a thorough evaluation of the prospective influencer profiles. Here’s what matters most when you decide to gift influencers your products:

  1. Know if their target audience is similar to yours
The success of any influencer marketing boils down to one thing – target audience. Even the grandest of efforts can fail when you target the wrong audience. And the smallest of attempts can be very successful if you have the right audience.
Virat Kohli showcasing a pair of sneakers from Puma, is more likely to see more engagement and better audience connections. This is because of his sports background and his cricket loving fans.
Similarly, when he promoted Muve Acoustics’ headphones, Virat moved beyond his public area of expertise, which is cricket, towards an area of personal interest, his passion for music, which his followers are well in-tune with. 
  1. Analyse their previous collaborations 
By understanding the brands influencers have previously worked with, you can find out a lot about the kind of success your product campaign would through an influencer. Leonardo Di Caprio is most passionate about the environment and his previous endeavours prove his commitment and the engagement he generates. Similarly, Sonam K. Ahuja loves fashion and all things stylish and this is really clear from the brands she endorses or simply wears.
In a single photo, she showcases jewels from Bulgari, a dress from Wadha, makeup from Arti Nayar, and hairstyle from Hiral Bhatia. At Teacup Influence, we give our users a snapshot of the recent endorsements as well as the sponsored engagement rate they have generated to prove their success, an essential metric for serious marketers after real ROI. 
  1. Learn about their hobbies, likes and dislikes
It is no secret that John Abraham loves dogs. His posts on Instagram frequently include animal photos promoting AMTM (Animals Matter to Me). Needless to say, the posts get considerable audience reach and engagement. Knowing the likes and dislikes of influencers helps you create impactful campaigns reaching the right audience.
Tiger Shroff, with his love for action-packed games, proves to be a great choice for promoting the Call of Duty mobile game. His young fan following also helps the brand target the right audience. At Teacup Influence, our specialist team are constantly in touch with influencers and their publicity team verifying and documenting such details that can make all the difference to your influencer marketing campaign results. 
  1. Personalise your influencer gifts
A small brand called Gulbonda that makes personalized wooden dolls was promoted by Tollywood actress Varsha Bollamma right when the brand had started their journey in September 2018.
The dolls were of Rajnikanth and Trisha from their lead roles as Ram and Janu in the movie 96 which also features Varsha Bollamma. Sales skyrocketed and today the brand has a considerable fanbase of its own.
  1. Look for micro-influencers
A baby product brand named Mother Sparsh suffered a downfall early after launch in 2016. This urged the owner, Rishu Gandhi to change her marketing strategy by offering product sampling to influencers who were also new mothers. Today, her eco-friendly baby brand has a rupees 3.5 crore turnover.
She tapped into the micro-influencer market and provided her product samples to influencers with fewer followers but more engagement. It worked perfectly for her budget and for her brand’s success. 
  1. Don’t depend on the grapevine for your influencer choices
We say this all the time because it is important to build your market strategies on trusted statistics and analysis rather than a friend’s opinion of an influencer. No matter how much you would like to use a particular influencer for your product, it is important to verify the successfulness of the campaign.
Teacup Influence helps organisations choose the right influencers and enjoy higher returns on influencer investments. This is done with the help of proprietary algorithms and tools which identify the most relevant influencers matching your product and business goals. As a result, your influencer collaborations are more profitable and help you tap into the right audience for your product.

To see how Teacup Influence can work for you, send us a quick email and we'll be back with a stronger, more ROI-driven strategy bespoke to suit your needs. Contact: info@teacupinfluence.com 


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