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27 November, 2019 - influencer

5 tips for a successful unboxing influencer campaign

Curiosity may not have killed the cat but it has surely swayed thousands of people into exploring a new e-commerce trend – unboxing. Humans are naturally inquisitive and unboxing brings back this innate instinct whether the unboxing is done by you or by someone else. This is what makes unboxing videos appealing for people around the world. But the devil lies in the details when you want to get an unboxing video done right. At Teacup, we’ve got you covered for these ‘details’.
The most important thing about an unboxing video is to create that anticipation among your audience on what’s going to come out of the box. Small elements like the quality of the wrapping material, the use of decorations and the addition of freebies leave a significant impact on the audience.
But even an excellent product can suffer a poor response if it is unable to reach out to the right audience through the right mediums. Influencers being one such medium for unboxing videos, Teacup assists brands in identifying the most suitable influencers who can help the brand reach a larger audience and establish a connection with the product that is being unboxed.
With the holiday season right around the corner, here are a few tips for a successful unboxing influencer campaign:

  1. Find an influencer who can connect with the product – When it comes to unboxing videos, marketers tend to go with influencers who have large follower numbers and are thus able draw in more eyeballs. However, while this might spike viewership, finding influencers who have a genuine connect with your brand/service leads to authentic engagement and in turn, better ROI. A new pair of skates is best unboxed by an influencer who actually skates, so they would able to talk about the technicalities of the product when unboxing the pair. Finding out the hobbies and interests of influencers are a great way to go beyond just the public profile of an influencer. Teacup Influence for example, lists quantitative and qualitative information that gives marketers useful insights that can help them understand the real value an influencer might add to their campaign. 
  1. Add relevance to the campaign by tying in the unboxing with a special occasion - An influencer who recently got married may be able to promote a hotel brand that he or she may have stayed in for her honeymoon. Or, finding influencers who have a birthday the same month as the campaign launch, might be a more relevant way to tie in an unboxing video as a gift to celebrate the day. Influencer markting tools such as Teacup Influence enable marketers to get details that matter with demographic details on each influencer. 
  1. Identify regional influencers who bond well with their audience – If your brand wants to increase its presence or expand into a new geographical area then identifying local, regional influencers is the way forward. Someone who speaks the dialect can use the unboxing video to have a more meaningful dialogue with their audience about the regional relevance of the product.  Teacup Influence lists regional languages spoken to help marketers take on a more targeted approach. 
  1. Look for influencer engagement – Even though the process of selecting an influencer is a very important one, brands end up relying on recommendations and only look at follower numbers to choose an influencer. But there have been instances where huge number of followers may not entirely lead to excellent video engagement. Use measurable tools to gauge influencer engagement before choosing an influencer appropriate for your unboxing video. Teacup Influence allows users access to metrics such as engagement, reach, recent hashtags and audience sentiment, so brands know the outcome to expect. 
  1. Carefully design the unboxing experience – The process of unboxing must be designed to make potential buyers really want the product. A beautifully customised box with the brand logo will be the first step to good aesthetics for an unboxing video. Inside the box, you must use good quality fillers like wood wool, a soft cushioning material and good quality tissue paper. Even the tape used to secure the box must either have the brand logo or a special design to help the box stand out. The influencer should be briefed on the elements that you would like highlighted, so they can direct their focus on key features. 
Unboxing is intended to be a simple but exciting process for the influencer as well as the viewers. But the whole charm of unboxing a product can be taken away if the box is too difficult to open. Influencers must be able to create that excitement but should not keep the audience hanging in too long or the viewers may end up moving away from the video. 

To make unboxing videos work for your next campaign, email: info@teacupinfluence.com


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