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07 October, 2019 - influencer

7 Influencer Marketing Mistakes Indian Marketers Are Making

Back in the old days when the internet was too slow and too exclusive for the general public, word of mouth was a very useful form of marketing. Mr. Das would talk about the craftsmanship of his carpenter after getting a new wardrobe and many of his friends and families would end up hiring the same carpenter after seeing the newly finished wardrobe.

Fast forward to today, and we have influencers playing a similar role on social media. But many of the influencer marketing campaigns in India have not been able to rake in adequate ROI. So how can this form of marketing run into problems?

Trust. When Mr. Das spoke about his wardrobe, he was genuinely happy with his carpenter’s work and he spoke to friends and families who trusted his words. One of the reasons why an influencer marketing campaign fails is because of a breach in trust. And trust comes from conversations that are genuine, authentic and most importantly, believable. Here’s some insight into influencer marketing mistakes that Indian marketers are making:

  1. Going For Follower Numbers Rather Than Context

A business is likely to fall for an influencer that has lots of followers because it makes sense to reach out to more people by paying just one influencer. And so the campaign begins, but the brand realizes that most of the followers are either inactive or fake rendering their plan of expanding customer reach a total failure.

Indian marketers must take the time to read between the lines, by doing in depth background research of prospective influencers. Since money is involved and this is not just good old word of mouth, picking an influencer requires rationality and not just numbers.

And since numbers is in the discussion, it is also important to identify influencers who may be using fake followers. This can be time consuming and may require manual research, but at the same time, there are platforms such as Teacup Influence, who have in-built proprietary tech algorithms that can help you identify only the most genuine influencers.

  1. Betting On The Usual Suspects

It is easy to search for popular influencers that everyone else, including your competition is using, and hire them for your brand too. The mistake here is that the same influencer is too caught up collaborating with lots of brands. This reduces his or her ability to effectively connect with the brand as well as the target audience.

On the other hand, if you research for influencers who are willing to build a connection with their audience, to engage them in a way that can push the ROI and to resonate with the core values of the brand, then you have a better chance of achieving your marketing campaign’s goals.

  1. Ignoring Influencer Performance Metrics

Data by a 2019 survey of marketers showed that 17% of the companies spend over half their budget on influencers. This shows that influencer marketing is beginning to claim a huge chunk of marketing budgets for brands. And this is exactly why it has become important for brands to check the performance of an influencer before they decide to collaborate with one.

Several performance metrics have been put in place to rank an influencer’s performance. The most important of these are

  • Total reach and platform specific reach

  • Engagement Rate

  • Sentiment Analysis

  • Conversation Topics

  1. Blanket Approach To Influencer Matching

Influencers build the trust of their audience through their unique tone, style of writing or portraying themselves, and their ability to call for attention. On the other hand, your brand has its own unique personality. For a successful collaboration, marketers must look for influencers whose personality resonates with your brand’s persona.

For example, if your brand or product has a loud and outright personality, then look for influencers that can match this vivacity. This way, you will be able to target the right audience and find a voice that matches your brand’s personality.

  1. Narrow Geographic Approach

Since we have already established that word-of mouth can be extremely effective, influencer marketing opens new marketing horizons for brands where experimentation can lead to expansion.

While using influencers in existing markets makes sense, it also makes a lot of sense to use influencers in new market environments. Influencer marketing can help a brand reach out to new audiences and create new market segments where your brand may otherwise claim very less attention.

  1. Reliability on Agencies and Peer Recommendations

If Mr. Singh uses a particular influencer to promote his clothing brand and he recommends the influencer, you must still consider researching the influencer’s performance, previous campaigns and personality before you consider that influencer for your brand.

It is likely for marketers to come across several names of influencers from friends, associates and agencies. While some of these influencers can be very effective for your marketing campaigns, others may not. The key is to use data and analytics to identify influencers who are a perfect match for your campaign and brand.

  1. Treating An Influencer Campaign The Same As An Ad

To return to the story about Mr. Das and his carpenter, we know that the carpenter was able to get more business because Mr. Das was honest in his praise for the carpenter. Since influencers tend to collaborate with several brands, it is important to notice how real their tone of voice is when promoting a brand or a product.

You will get more conversions if the influencer keeps it real and is honest in their praise for the brand. Avoid influencers who sound like they are in an advertisement or who tends to make the whole campaign look like an advertisement.

The essence of influencer marketing lies in the truthfulness of the influencer. Their collab campaigns should sound real as if they were actually happy with your product and not just because they were paid to promote it.

In a nutshell

Influencer marketing is on the rise. There are lots of brands that have started setting aside a significant budget for influencer marketing. Many businesses have even found that the ROI from influencer marketing is nearly the same as the ROI from other forms of marketing. With social media platforms going mainstream, there is no doubt that influencer marketing will evolve according to market demands.

As an Indian marketer, you have access to a huge audience through social media platforms. Choosing the right influencers and creating impactful influencer marketing campaigns is the key to expanding your reach to this audience.

Teacup Influence is an advanced, technology-led platform that combines proprietary data algorithms with specialist insight to provide bespoke influencer marketing solutions, tailormade for the Indian sub-continent. From influencer discovery to content management and analytics, Teacup Influence has it covered. Get in touch for a complimentary demo of the platform by writing to us: info@teacupinfluence.com

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