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29 January, 2020 - brands

Five Influencer Marketing Predictions for India in 2020

In 2019 influencer marketing firmly established itself within the marketing function of Indian businesses and advertising budgets.  We saw an influx of  social media influencers entering into new and diverse campaigns for various brands. And we saw brands willing to up their spends in this department to fuel more creativity and originality in influencer-led posts.

In 2020, we will see Indian businesses take on a more meaningful approach to influencer marketing campaigns, putting authenticity and credibility in the forefront of their communications.

Here are 5 predictions on how influencer marketing will play-out within the Indian sub-continent for 2020:

1. Data-led influencer identification

Data-driven insights are providing a distinct advantage for businesses, and influencer marketing is going to enjoy this new level of sophistication in influencer identification that marketers now demand, this year. With wide-ranging data insights, brands can choose the right influencer to achieve their business and marketing goals and make an encouraging return on investment. A data-driven approach also helps marketers avoid making bad choices and detect fake accounts and paid-for followers. Moreover, brands can easily identify and track metrics that spike engagement and use this information to their advantage to increase the visibility of their brand on social media.

2. Regional influence and local appeal

Another trend that is expected to make a positive impact for brands, is the use of influencers at regional levels. Using regional language content helps brands become more relatable at a local level  and appeals to audiences in a more personal way.

Also, with internet penetration only increasing in cities and small towns,  tapping into regional influencers open up new territories of influence for businesses to explore.

3. Influencer Squads

Creating influencer squads, or using a specially curated group of influencers to push out a brand campaign in a planned, coordinated fashion, has many advantages to brands. They include, appealing to different and varied audience segments of the respective influencers at a given time period, which helps amplify the buzz and conversation created around a brand. Squads also provide a sense of community and brand belonging and can do wonders to help build that sense of loyalty and preference. However, to get it right, brands have to ensure they are selecting the right influencers to make up the squad. Working with a similar demographic of influencers who appeal to the same audience is a waste of time in this format. Using data and insights to guide selection is imperative.


4. Girl-next-door influence

It’s all about nano influencers! Brands are increasingly looking to regular social media users to talk about their brand. These people are your everyday internet users with social media accounts. When more and more such people start discussing a brand, online brand mentions and engagement remain consistent and the brand stays top-of-mind at a comparatively low cost.

These influencers are not some big shots of the industry and a far cry from being a celebrity. Smaller brands in particular, can use these every day influencers to promote their products and services in a cost efficient yet productive manner.

5. Strategy driven campaigns

2020 can be the year when brands are expected to use a combination of content strategies to make their digital marketing efforts more efficacious. Thus, it becomes imperative to look beyond follower count to the right engagament metrics. Marketers would have to ascertain the main factors and indicators that can help in increasing the returns in influencer marketing. Right metrics will be valuable in assessing the success of influencer marketing campaigns programs. Agencies and businesses can work together to develop the right strategies that can enhance their marketing efforts and attract organic and first-rate customer engagement.


Overall, in 2020, influencer marketing is expected to mature and get more sophisticated for marketers in the Indian sub-continent. A data-led identification approach will further ensure campaigns that are more on-brand, and results that are more on-target. Fresh online users are going to join the race, making things more transparent, competitive, effective, and efficient for the businesses.

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