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07 October, 2019 - brands

Is your influencer-led #festiveedit-delivering-results

The festive season is one of those times of the year when your Instagram will suddenly be flooded with an inflow of #FestiveEdition posts promoting ethnic wear, jewellery and shopping discounts. Some influencers get it right and are able to make the collaboration successful enough for brands to hook existing and new audiences. Others fail for their unwitting lack of awareness about the audience they cater to. In both cases, lessons are learnt, but some can come at the cost of a failed campaign which can negatively impact brand reputation and reduce the brand equity.
You may notice #greendiwali and #noiselessdiwali being promoted by influencers who end up getting trolled for their inauthentic and unoriginal campaign ideas. Actor Priyanka Chopra received a lot of slack for promoting a pollution-free Diwali only to later use lots of crackers during her wedding celebrations.
It is important for brands therefore, to be very careful when selecting influencers by ensuring they not only match the look, but fit the message they are trying to convey. At Teacup Influence, our proprietary software allows brands to predict the successfulness of a campaign by giving users the performance metrics of individual influencers. This includes their overall reach which is then backed up by the engagement they generate, the topics they regularly talk about, how their audience perceive them and a record of previous collaborations. This in-depth analysis of an influencer’s socal media performance helps brands assess ROI and identify only those influencers who have the potential to impact the relevant audience.
The reason why we find this to be important is that the social media influencer space is growing every day at an extremely accelerated pace. People are trying to monetise from the market’s demand for influencers by creating a fake fan following. Such accounts have lots of fans and yet very little engagement on the posts, most often leading to no real impact or returns on the marketing investment.
With India already amidst the festive season celebrations, some influencers will try to promote anything and everything with little or no judgement on how the campaign fits into their Instagram personality. Money is made quickly and easily, but such campaigns fail to garner the attention they should. The reason is a failure to identify a specific niche and to stick to it, sharing posts that actually add value for the followers.
Just as much as Priyanka Chopra wanted to share a good message with the world, her failure to stick to her own missive created a lot of negativity around the actress’ global image.
Saregama, on the other hand, launched a successful #shoryasangeet campaign last Diwali, promoting the Saregama Carvaan. Influencers promoting the campaign included @iamakshaydhawan who got 76,471 views and 418 comments on the video promoting the product, and @aakritisharma.official who got 19,497 views and 96 comments on the post promoting Saregama Caravan. The success of the campaign was based on the use of the right combination of influencers to reach a large audience. Additionally, Saregama had chosen influencers who were able to gain adequate attention and promote the product through a significant amount of engagement.
This shows how the success of your brand’s festive campaigns can lie heavily on the choice of influencers. By picking a combination of influencers who can variegate your audience, reach out to larger populations and showcase your brand in a positive light, you can gain enough traction to enjoy a high earning potential during the festive season.
For the past few years, the festival of Diwali has been closely connected with the promotion of socially conscious messaging. Most brands try to position themselves as sustainable and environment friendly during this time of the year. But the audience is now aware of greenwashing and is careful about their choices and can differentiate greenwashed campaigns from authentic ones.
By picking suitable influencers for a sustainable campaign who are known for their environmentally and socially conscious messages all year round, make more suitable candidates than those who may promote fast fashion the whole year and preach sustainability for your campaign.
Diwali serves as the perfect bait for influencers to monetise on collaborations and increase their earnings. It makes sense to utilise the vibrant energies of the festive season to enjoy higher returns on investments, but it may not be sensible to lose out solid campaigns because of a poor choice of influencers. An influencer’s post will hold enough gravity for their audience only if it is promoted in an authentic manner.

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