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11 October, 2019 - brands

With the right influencers, festive promotions can give you bigger reasons to celebrate

Instagram influencer Kritika Khurana has 644k followers on her Instagram account, @thatbohogirl. Last year, she promoted an outfit by DhoomDhaamWeddings, 2 days before Diwali. The post received over 99k views and 188 comments. At about the same time, another prominent influencer (who we’ll keep anonymous) with nearly 300k followers, teamed up with L’Occtane en Provenance for their Diwali gift collection. The post received 227 likes and 2 comments as opposed to most of her other posts which receive likes upwards of 1k.
The successful festive post from Kritika was in the form of a very high-quality video showcasing a festive attire, which appealed quickly to people looking forward to the cheer and vibrancy of the season. On the other hand, the festive post which did not garner a lot of attention was actually sandwiched between two other posts which also promoted festive gifts. The post was lazy including only a photo of the brand, with no experience or excitement conveyed. Businesses looking to team up with influencers during festive season can learn a lot from this.
Influencers must be measured by data just like everything else in business
The idea of collaborating with influencers is to increase your market reach, build your brand reputation and improve customer relationships. The influencer will automatically become the face of your brand through the collaboration. This means, a failed campaign will not just translate into monetary losses but also a degradation of the brand image.
Keeping this in mind, an influencer must be carefully hand-picked after deep analysis of their audience segments, the successfulness of their previous collaborations and the quality of customer engagement on their posts.
With a few analytical tools available to do this, many brands end up relying on word of mouth or simply by looking for influencers with the most followers to promote their products or services. But lots of followers don’t always mean lots of engagement.

With 2.6 million followers, social media influencer @arii would have had very less problem promoting products at all, but she found out that while people liked her posts on Instagram, few were actually customers. She was not able to sell 36 shirts. The post has since been taken down, but it is a real lesson for brands on the importance of focusing on genuine engagements as opposed to going by the number of followers.
This is exactly why influencer identification platform, Teacup Influence, believes in taking the more considered route when it comes to choosing influencers for a brand. We measure and analyse brands as well as influencers to establish the most relevant collaborations which position the brand as well as the influencer in a positive light.

While success is objective – your collaborations must always be focused on a target
The success of your campaign should transform into success for your business. If you collaborated with an influencer where the campaign received a number of likes, but very less engagement or the engagements were not properly converted, then the whole collaboration turns into a failure. This measurement of success and failure should be based not on the likes received on the post but by the number of people who visit your website or store after viewing that post.
Teacup Influence uses a range of analytical tools to measure campaign successfulness which goes beyond likes and comments. We have found this to be an integral part of any collaboration because brands have very little insight of the actual benefits of using an influencer until they do not figure how many prospects they were able to convert.

Benefit from influencers with a larger geographical and digital reach
An influencer with more followers from the same geographical location will provide your brand with less audience exposure than an influencer with fewer followers from different geographical locations. Influencers who have a way to connect with people across borders are more likely to get your brand to be noticed by more people. Demographics play a big role.
If you were to pay for an ad on social media, you would have the opportunity to pick demographics, so when you pay for influencers; you should be able to focus on the same thing too. Since few tools can help you analyse such details, Teacup Influence uses proprietary algorithms to identify the most suitable influencers to match your brand’s demographic requirements.

Teacup Influence is an advanced, technology-led platform that combines proprietary data algorithms with specialist insight to provide bespoke influencer marketing solutions, tailormade for the Indian sub-continent. From influencer discovery to content management and analytics, Teacup Influence has it covered. Get in touch for a complimentary demo of the platform by writing to us: info@teacupinfluence.com


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