The most advanced Influencer Marketing Solution

Teacup Influence helps businesses start, manage and execute their influencer, content and social media marketing strategy with utmost depth and accuracy

With over 50 search filters, social analytics and performance metrics, marketers can find and engage influencers who are truly aligned with their brand. Our managed solutions function ensures marketers have all the help they need along the way - from identification right through to content management.


Search from 10,000 of the most engaging, creative and credible content creators in the Indian sub-continent

Our in-house team of influencer experts paired with cutting-edge technology deliver the most accurate information and insights to fuel your influencer selection process.


Understand the impact an influencer can have on your campaign before working with them

Target your search to suit specific campaign needs with our advanced filters scouring 50+ data fields. You can refine your search by age, gender, area of influence or niche offering, location and regional expertise, social media strength, Whatsapp activation, pitch preferences, interests and more.


Take advantage of in-depth analytics and exclusive data intelligence on individual influencers

Determine the perfect influencer match based on reach across leading social media platforms, engagement, audience sentiment generated on posts, recent sponsored posts, conversation topics, top hashtags used etc.


Shortlist and contact potential influencers all from one place

Stay organised with campaign specific influencer lists built on-the-go and connect with influencers there and then with the click of a button
Get an edge over competition by partnering with select influencers, exclusive to your category or business sector.


360-degree campaign support and content optimisation

New to influencer marketing, no problem - users can avail of the expertise and knowledge the Teacup influence team, who are on board to review your needs and assist with everything from identifying influencers and outreach right through to developing a winning social and content marketing bespoke to your campaign requirements.

Industry Intel

Stay in the know and ahead of your peers with up-to-the-minute industry news and insight

keep up-to-date on all things influencer marketing. From top tips and best practices to breaking news, users have exclusive access to a live news feed curated just for them.

How Teacup Influence can work for you

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